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Jagex fires an associate Old School RuneScape team for ‘gross misuse’ of moder .

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As Reddit user rafaelloa brought up, following your Autumn final recently, Jed's jmod Twitter account was power down (as seen is image) with the RuneScape Gold exceptional personal RuneScape account has also been banned. So it leaves little question as to whom Jagex is making reference to.

Also, over the Old School RuneScape Deadman Invitational controversy on this occasion last year, Jed's name was mentioned.

Some claims were made on Reddit praoclaiming that at some part, one island had seven players remaining all through the same team, who had been allegedly disqualified for 'teaming' by the Jagex mod called Jed. When inquired on OSRS Gold this, Jagex sent an announcement to Esports News UK in 2009, saying that it was not Jed who disqualified them.

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