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How a variety of Reddit memes was crowned the best armor in Runescape

Hot 4Viewed 455 times19-12-2018 09:41 AM |Personal category:game| RuneScape, Gold

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Old School Runescape, the proudly antiquated version of Runescape that still looks and plays like the sport I sank a lot of time into when I really should've been studying, gets a raid. Its second raid, mainly because it happens: The Theatre of Blood. A good raid needs good rewards, while the Theatre of RuneScape Gold  Blood was announced late recently, players were anxious to determine what clearing the multi-man challenge would earn them. Jagex responded with Justicar armor, a different best-in-slot armor set (above). There was one small problem: players absolutely hated it.

In fact, they hated it much that, for months, the Old School community dogpiled the armor around the 2007scape subreddit and memed it to hell and back. They memed into it so hard that Jagex is totally changing the armor's design. And not that, the artist behind the Justicar armor, "Mod West," is employing designs submitted and voted on by players. Almost all of Old School Runescape's updates undergo player polls, but this would be the first time a suit of armor is forged in a very fire of memes.

Apa Reaksi Anda...

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Reply jaosnsmsithss 7-6-2019 02:54 AM
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Pam finally paused the video, moved back onto the bed and asked, a look of concern in her voice and eyes, "So, are you gay now?"

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"Why didn't you tell me?" She asked.

"It seemed a little gay," I said. "You know, unmanly."

"It's a lot gay," she smiled. "But also kind of hot."

"Really?" I asked.
"Yeah, I can't say I'd ever fantasized or even thought of a guy sucking another guy, but now that you got caught and I got a visual in my head, it's really quite intriguing," she admitted.

"I probably could never do it," I said, "but the idea is hot."

"I probably could never get triple teamed," she shrugged, as she straddled my face, "but the idea is hot."

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That was three weeks ago.

Unfortunately, the next morning I was worried what our conversation would be, any next day regrets, any deeper questions with embarrassing answers, but instead she seemed to pretend it didn't happen.

Life went back to normal.

Which meant no more wild sex.

Yet tonight she seemed ready for a long evening of wild passion.


Her feet kept rubbing my cock ever so slowly, a constant tease, throughout dinner. As we finished eating, I asked, "Do you have room for dessert?"

"Actually, we're going somewhere else for dessert," she informed me, as she put some extra pressure on my cock.

"We are?" I asked. "Where?"

"That is a surprise," she said, giving me a mischievous look I hadn't seen in a long time, other than her wickedness a few weeks ago when she talked all nasty about my sucking a dick.

"You know I hate surprises," I said.

"And yet I'm not telling you," she shrugged, "so deal with it," as she looked at her watch. "Actually, we need to get going ASAP. We don't want to be late."

"Late for what?" I asked, as she moved her foot away.

"Dessert, silly," she said, as she finished her third glass of wine.

"You're tipsy," I pointed out.

"You know what happens when I'm drunk," she said, which was true. She got wilder and her boundaries became more liberated.
"It's usually a good time for me," I smiled, as I finished my third scotch.

"A very, very, good time for you," she smiled, as the waitress returned. "May we have the bill please?"

"No dessert?" she asked.

"No, we have other..." my wife paused and then added, "... plans."

"Ohhh," the waitress smiled knowingly. "I'll be right back."

As she left, in a black skirt and matching pantyhose Pam asked, "Think her pussy would taste good?"

I actually spewed some of my precious scotch onto the table.

"Or would it be hotter with her between my legs?"

"What's gotten into you?" I asked, shocked by her naughty words.

"Not your dick," she shrugged. "Remember last time? You came before you could fuck me."

"Sorry, I..." I began, and then wasn't sure what to say. Sorry, the idea of sucking a dick got me too excited, and I came before I could make love to my wife?

"It's okay, you wanted dick that night, and so did I," she shrugged again, "and you were thoughtful to give me some very good head," a tipsy Pam also a much franker Pam.

"Please, keep it down," I said, looking around. No one seemed any wiser to our blunt conversation, but still.

"Sorry, I'm just really horny," she admitted.

"I am too," I said, her nylon foot rub having kept me revved up for the last hour.

"For pussy or dick?" She asked.

"Pussy," I answered.

"Too bad," she said, before adding, "and you never answered my question."

"What question?"

"Would you rather see me licking another woman, or another woman licking me?"

"Couldn't I have both?" I asked.

"I imagine you can," she said, as the waitress arrived. I noticed she said 'can' instead of 'could', which was an interesting choice

"You look beautiful," my wife complimented the college-aged waitress as she handed me the bill.
I took the bill and opened it as the waitress replied, "Thank you, you're very pretty, too."

I handed her my credit card and she slipped it into the handheld machine. "Isn't she beautiful, Mike?"

"Yes, she's very pretty," I said, playing along and knowing this wasn't a trap like many wives would spring.

"No, the word is 'beautiful'," Pam insisted. "Look at her. Beautiful face, beautiful full body, and she's even wearing pantyhose."

The waitress's face went red as I nodded, "Yes, she beautiful."

"Is she the kind of woman you'd like to see me with?" Pam asked, as the waitress handed me my receipt.

"Pam!" I gasped, knowing this was making the waitress uncomfortable.

"What? I'm just getting some guidelines," Pam shrugged.

"I'm sorry," I apologized. "My wife has had a little too much to drink."

"No worries," she smiled awkwardly.

As she left, Pam stood up, as did I, and she whispered in my ear, "I bet you'd love to see me with my face buried between her legs."

"I wouldn't look away," I admitted, as she tugged on my ear.

"Let's go, the night is just getting started," she said, giving my cock a quick squeeze. "I see you're hard."

"Have been all night," I acknowledged.

"Well, wait until your dessert," she said, taking my hand and leading me out of the restaurant.

"I am starving," I said, as I followed her.

Outside, an Uber was already waiting for us. "I ordered it while you were imagining my head buried between our waitress's legs."

"I'm going to come in my pants, if you keep talking like that," I pointed out, as I followed her into the Uber.
Reply chillbro 17-3-2020 10:37 PM
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