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Maple Story makers Nexon consider buying Electronic Arts 2

Hot 6Viewed 398 times24-12-2018 09:05 AM |Personal category:game| MapleStory, Mesos

Whether EA and it is board would acquiesce into a strong offer from Nexon is unknown. While EA hasn't managed to live through its precipitous dip in value following 2008 market crash, it remains one with the MapleStory 2 Mesos most valuable and highest earning video gaming publishers inside the world.

Nexon due to its part is growing dramatically within the past decade thanks to your popularity of its games throughout Asia. The aforementioned Maple Story and internet-based racing game Kart Rider, together with numerous other MMOs, have elected it a formidable competitor from the casual market.

That said it’s challenging to imagine that Nexon gets the available resources to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos outright purchase Electronic Arts. The company reported total assets of nearly 236 billion yen in the beginning of the year, near $3 billion, or maybe over 1 / 2 of Electronic Arts’ market cap about the NASDAQ exchange.

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