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Jagex cites Brexit like a factor in RuneScape subscription hike 2018-12-26
Jagex is getting ready to raise the price tag on a subscription to Old School RuneScape for OSRS Gold first time users, citing the UK’s imminent B ...
(1053) Views|(62) Comments
Madden Overdrive is Fantastic and Amazingly Addictive 2018-12-25
One with the more pleasant surprises from my time on the EA Sports Summer Showcase at EA Redwood Shores last week was Madden’s NFL Mobile game. You ...
(410) Views|(15) Comments
Maple Story makers Nexon consider buying Electronic Arts 2 2018-12-24
Whether EA and it is board would acquiesce into a strong offer from Nexon is unknown. While EA hasn't managed to live through its precipitous dip in v ...
(398) Views|(8) Comments
MapleStory, the 18 yr old free-to-play MMORPG, remains to be receiving major con 2018-12-21
Defense Mission: Twilight Defense - This mission involves 2-4 characters joining forces to defeat enemies using cannons and protect the castle walls ...
(712) Views|(26) Comments
Interview: the future of MapleStory 2 is built by its players 3 2018-12-20
★ What have you learned from the previous game and what have you moved from the first game to the second? MapleStory has been underway for a lon ...
(422) Views|(11) Comments
How a variety of Reddit memes was crowned the best armor in Runescape 2018-12-19
The easiest way to avoid scammers is to discover OSRS gold vendors that contain a good reputation. Check the client reviews of those website and ensu ...
(455) Views|(7) Comments

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