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Guide To Help You Write A Good Case Study

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A case study resembles a puzzle that has to be solved. Therefore, the 'case' in the case study should have a problem for the readers to solve. For example, let's say you have been asked to write a finance case study about ‘The Future of Malls: Was Downfall Necessary?’ That means you need to address the problems that led to the decline of shopping malls and recommend solutions to overcome them.

Your case study should consist of enough information that your readers understand the problem, analyze your research findings, and come up with a proposed solution.

All in all, whether you write a law case study or management case study, it is more than just a mere description. So here is a detailed guideline for you to write a good case study efficiently.

The Research Phase

The first step is to figure out a case site (an organization) and a case subject (a topic). For instance, in the example above, shopping malls are the case site, whereas declination of malls is the topic. Then, proceed to the research phase once you are done with the case site and case subject.

Library and Internet research

Read relevant articles about your case site to find out what has already been written before about the topic. This will help you find if there is an existing problem related to the case that requires solving.


Recommending possible solutions to the problems is an integral part of case studies. Propose which alternative resolution the organization or the protagonist should adopt. The proposals should be able to improve the situation.

  • Justify your choice through detailed explanations about how it will solve the case problems.
  • Make sure the solutions are persuasive.
  • Use relevant theory and coursework wherever appropriate.

Wrapping Up,

Different countries have different cultures and languages. Make sure your readers can avail the case study help in another country as well. Stay organized throughout the paper, with the sections mentioned above in the right order. Use relevant facts, statistics, and evidence to validate the information you convey to your readers. Discuss the problems so that your readers experience the same things you did while starting the investigation.


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Reply Jasmine_L 31-8-2022 01:43 AM
Thanks for the recommendations. I think these recommendations will help write my dissertation for me If any difficulties arise, I will ask for professional help. Where professionals will definitely help to write a qualified dissertation.


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