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Thanks to the pandemic, my wife and her sister who were never all that close are getting much closer and we owe it all to technology, specifically one of the video chat applications.

Several months ago my wife's sister found this app and decided to have video chats with us every couple of weeks. It was a new experience for all of us and we started to look forward to some human contact as we all spent time hiding from the virus. The event that really brought us closer happened a few weeks ago.

It started when I got a text from Candy. Candy is my wife Cindy's sister. Don't laugh, their parents were not that creative so those are the names they got stuck with. She was the one that sets up the video calls and she normally chats with us via text messages to make sure we are all set a couple hours early. The text from Candy was on a text chat with just the two of us and was pretty simple: 'Ready?'

I was at the grocery store and had just pulled in when my phone pinged. I glanced at it. A minute or two later after I had parked, I pulled up the text chat app and replied: 'I will be. Cindy is running around with her friend Carole, so it will just be me today.'

A minute later as I went into the store my phone pinged again. Candy: 'Me too. Bill went golfing. Think we have time to get drunk and silly by then?'

I replied: 'Speak for yourself, I am always silly.' Then added a smiley face emoji.

I spent some time getting groceries with a big shit eating grin hiding under my mask thinking about Candy. Cindy and Candy are definitely sisters. Both of them are tall, blonde and sexy as hell. One of the legacies from their father besides being able to eat anything and not gain weight, was that neither could have kids. I'm not a doctor so I can't explain it, but it is apparently a genetic issue they got from their old man. So both families are childless. Which also means neither sister got the 20+ extra kid pounds or the kid belly or the saggy kid boobs. So while Candy is 41 and Cindy is 39, both have the figures of much younger, very hot women. Cindy is always going on about how Candy got fuller boobs and according to Bill, Candy is always going on about how Cindy got the shapelier butt. I don't know, tastes great, less filling = win + win in my book.

I know it is never going to happen but I have been known to spank the monkey while thinking about getting Candy naked and having my way with her. So I was a happy little camper thinking about my sis-in-law while grabbing grub for the week.

I was just checking out when my phone pinged again. I decided to wait until I was in the car. That turned out to be an excellent move. I would have freaked out if I had been in the store and the picture Candy texted me had come up on my phone. It was a close up of a large wine glass full of red wine nestled between her naked boobs. HOLY SHIT!!! I had dreamed about checking out her girls for years and here they were right in front of me. They did look a little bigger than Cindy's. Maybe a little touch of sag, but HOT DAMN they looked fine to me. They would definitely get 5 stars on any of the boob rating porn sites I periodically browse.

Ok. She upped the ante. Now I had to pull out my A game. Think guy, how to reply. My brain fired up and I started to get creative bdsm sites

I don't know how I got home alive. I remember being in the parking lot and then pulling into the driveway at home. I must have driven on autopilot while hatching my response. I decided to be subtle. I put my phone down and took a photo across my lap so she could see the tent in my pants. It took 3 tries, but I finally got the pic I was looking for, so I sent it with the caption, 'Now look what you did!'

A reply from Candy came back instantly: 'LOL'

I loaded the groceries into the house and was mostly done with putting them away when her next entry pinged on my phone. My eyes damn near came out of my head. FUUUCK! It was a shot from between her knees looking in at some really sheer lacy panties. You could just see the tips of her fingers pulling the material into a very revealing camel toe with a small damp spot. I had to blow the picture up and looking at it I couldn't see any shadow of pubic hair so either she is very blonde down there or she is a shave tail. Oh my god. My mind is exploding.

How do I top that? Can I get away with rubbing one off while on the video call or should I do it before? What if I got on the call in my polo shirt and boxers and "accidently" stood up? Or just my polo shirt? How far can we go with this teasing? Would she blow the whistle and blab to Cindy? What if I am thinking with my dick and I take it too far?

I went into the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face to try and get control. That was when the inspiration for my reply hit me. I set myself up in front of the bathroom mirror. I made sure nothing I didn't want was in the picture. That meant sweeping all the toothpaste and soap and shit down to the other end of the counter. I cleaned the mirror with glass cleaner and then stood in front. I unbuckled my pants and unzipped about three quarters down. Carefully I peeled the pants so the fly opened in a V- shape with the jeans peeled back like scrollwork. In the valley of the V, I exposed my boxers. I slid the pants and the boxers down together so that the head of my cock was just peeking out. I zoomed the camera in and framed the picture just right and snapped a few shots off. The first six weren't right but the seventh was perfect.

Bringing up the text app, I sent the new picture with the caption, 'Looking forward to seeing you'.

I looked at my watch and it was about 2 minutes to show time. Just enough time to go get ready. Ping. I looked at my phone. It was picture of a towel laying on what I suppose was a bed. Laid out on the towel were a realistic silicon dong, a rabbit style vibrator, a black teardrop thing with a stem and two different bottles of lube. The caption read: 'I'm ready are you?'

The gauntlet was thrown again. I quickly ran to the bedroom and threw a towel down and threw a bottle of lube, a bottle of whiskey and a box of tissues on top. Snapping a picture, I texted the picture back to Candy with the caption: 'Ready, willing and able.'

Rolling the towel up, I headed down to the den where my laptop was. My hands were shaking so I decided it was time for a shot to calm the nerves. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a large shot glass and a bottle of water and got back in time to see the video chat app ping on my computer. Pouring a shot and quickly slugging it down I shook my head and shivered. I don't often take liquor straight so it was bracing. Good old liquid courage. Starting the video chat app, it popped up and the image focused in on Candy's face. "Hey Bob," she said with her face breaking into a big grin. "I hope you didn't mind my being silly with you today. I was horny this morning and Bill blew me off, so I was feeling a little pissed off and decided to get a little naughty my free cams

"Hi Candy," I replied. "No reason to feel bad. I loved the pictures. And to be honest, I've always wanted to see what you hide under those blouses. Plus, I loved the challenge of trying to figure out how to respond."

She giggled and lifted her glass and took a big swig. I picked up the shot glass, poured another shot, held it up in front of the camera and downed it.

Whew. That wasn't so bad this time.

"So what is Cindy doing? You said she was going out with Carole? But what are they doing? They can't be going shopping? Nobody goes to stores these days," Candy rapid fired her questions off like machine gun bullets. It was almost like she was nervous.

"From what she said, Carole is looking at some houses. Her brother is thinking about moving here and he sent her a list of houses he was interested in. Apparently, on the internet every house looks like a fucking mansion. Oops. Sorry. Like an awesome, great, wonderful mansion." Oh crap. The whiskey was really getting me relaxed.

Candy giggled. "Oh come on Bob. I think I've heard that word a time or two. AAAANNND, I may have even done it once or twice." She giggled again.

I broke out in a big smile. "Thanks for understanding. Cindy is always telling me to clean up my potty mouth especially in public."

"That sounds like Cindy. She is prim and proper in public and a total slut in bed." Candy said, stretching.

'Oh my gawd,' my mind raced, 'That shirt is almost see through and she didn't quite get all the way to the nipples but there is no fuckin' way she has a bra on under that thing.'

"Now is that any way to talk about your sister," I said stalling to try and figure out how to get her to do that again. Just in case she did, I clicked on the record button. I knew from past experience that it didn't show on the other people's screens that the call was being recorded. I did that to Cindy once when we were just trying it out.

"Oh come on, Bob. Don't you and Bill compare notes about what we do in bed? I know Cindy and I do. She loves it when she has had a bad day and you give her one of your patented massages that always seems to end with you slipping your dick into her while you massage her neck and shoulders."

'Holy Fuck. They do talk.' I thought as I poured another shot. I tipped it at the screen and downed it. She took another big swig from her glass and then refilled it.

"Actually, to be perfectly honest, we haven't really done much talking like that. About five years ago when we went to the beach together, I made a comment about how sexy you were in that bikini and what a lucky guy he was to wake up with you every morning and he got real uncomfortable so I never really went any further with it," I said. 'Actually, he got really pissed off that I was staring at HIS woman and I thought he was going to hit me,' my brain finished silently.

Candy pouted. "Well, I guess I am going to have to find something else to talk about then."

"Why?" I asked. "What else has Cindy told you that would embarrass me?"

"Well, let's see," she said pausing. "You periodically try to talk her into anal. When you do, she finds a way to distract you and make you come so you will forget about it for a while."

'What,' I thought then realized that is exactly what she does.

"What guy doesn't want anal?" I said. OH fuck, did I really say that? The whiskey is starting to talk.

"I know, but I don't understand why Cindy doesn't like it. I love anal. When Bill licks my asshole and slides a finger in, oh god, I get so wet. That is always his go to move to try and get me in the mood to take his cock up my butt. Sometimes if he hasn't butt fucked me in a while, I'll grease up the butt plug and walk around all day with it in and I'll sit backwards on one of the bar stools and make him take it out slowly and then slide his dick in me before my hole closes up. Oh gods when he does that, I almost always have an orgasm that rocks my world."

She reached for something past the camera and her tits came full into view. Oh yeah! That material WAS translucent and she was definitely NOT wearing a bra.

She held up something black in her hand, it was that black thing like a teardrop with a stem on the bottom.

"This was the first butt plug Bill bought me. It was a good training toy. It took me a few tries to be able to get it in without hurting, but once I did, he started holding the vibrator to my clit while he pulled it out and pushed it back in and I fucking came like a banshee."

I started squirming in my chair and it was not unnoticed by Candy.

"Go ahead and adjust yourself, I don't mind," she said as she reached over and zoomed her web camera out, putting her breasts on display. Just to make sure I didn't miss them, she undid the next few buttons causing the shirt to fall open and her cleavage to pop.

'Go for it,' my whiskey fueled brain screamed. So I stood up and made sure my crotch was front and center in the viewing window. I slowly undid my belt and then unsnapped my jeans and slid the zipper down. "Oh thanks, that is much better," I said as I sat down.

Candy licked her lips and then took another big swig of wine, then said, "Ok. I shared, so it's your turn. I know what Cindy said, so no lying. Where do you think is the kinkiest place you guys have ever made whoopee? And don't tell me in the butt because I know better."

I almost missed the question because I was cheering for her shirt to open up a little more. When I re-watched the playback later, this was right about where the little icon showed up indicating that someone was listening and watching but only sharing audio and it was muted. No wonder I missed it. I had tits on the brain, her tits.

"Ohhhh. That's a tough one. As you said, she is pretty prim and proper in public. I would say one of the most interesting was the time I talked her into giving me a blowjob while we went through an automated carwash."

"Reaaallllyy? That sounds pretty kinky. So dish on the details. I may have to try that with Bill," Candy said with her eyes lighting up and a slight slur starting.

"It was late at night," I started. "We were coming back from a Christmas party last year and both of us were pretty smashed. I really shouldn't have been driving but it was starting to look like the party was going to turn into an orgy and Cindy just really didn't want to stay. Five guys had hit on her and one had run his hand up between her thighs while asking if she liked giving head."

"Ooohhh!" Candy said interrupting me. "How were you doing on lining the ladies up?"

"I got cornered by two ladies as I came out of the bathroom. The first one pulled the top of her dress down and shoved her tits in my face. The second one went low and pulled my cock out and started blowing me."

"Does Cindy know about this?" asked Candy interrupting again.

"Oh god no! She would freak out. I managed to pull the second woman off my cock and backed away from the first one and that was when I agreed with Cindy that it was time to go. So we grabbed our coats and bailed out. That's why I was driving when I shouldn't have. The road we went down was unpaved for a mile or so before we hit paved roads. I was getting low on gas, so we stopped at a gas station and I saw my car was a mess. It turned out there was an automated car wash, so I bought a deluxe wash and the gas. I was still really turned on and drunk and Cindy was in the same shape so when the car wash started, it did a rinse and suddenly we were cut off from the world. Cindy had worn one of her little black sequined dresses and it was the one that she doesn't like the bra lines so she was braless. I leaned over and pulled one of her tits out and stared to roll the nipple and she didn't slap my hand she just moaned so I unzipped myself and pulled my cock out and started stroking myself. She looked over and licked her lips then slid over and wrapped her lips around my cock. It was probably a good thing it was a little dark because just as she was slipping me into her mouth I saw lipstick on the dipstick."

"Lipstick on the dipstick?" Candy started laughing, "Oh from the bathroom blowjob. That is a good phrase. I think I'm going to steal that one." She took another swig of wine and let her top slide down exposing her beautiful breasts to full view of the camera.

"Yeah, it could have been embarrassing. When we got home and I got undressed, she looked at my dick and apologized for getting lipstick on it. She was really drunk and tried to wash it off. I told her to leave it, and then said I read somewhere that pussy juices would take it off. So she pulled that dress off and lay down on the bed and told me to fuck that lipstick off."

"That's hysterical," Candy said laughing. "But did she get you off in the car wash?"

"Yes," I said, "Somewhere between the final rinse and the blow dry her blowjob hit pay dirt and I blew my load in her mouth."

"Did she swallow?" Candy asked with eyes wide and a big smile on her face.

I nodded. "She didn't want to, but there was nowhere for her to spit adult porn

"Good for her. I love the feeling and the taste when Bill comes in my mouth," she said while taking another sip of wine. I took another shot of whiskey and could really start to feel it. I was getting buzzed. Candy must have been getting there too. She started to cop a feel of her boobs and then reached both hands around and started to pull on her nipples.

"Oh god, the image of her in your car sucking your dick until you spurted all that delicious cum into her mouth is getting me so wet. Can I see if there is any lipstick left?"

That didn't make any sense, but I was getting drunk and so horny I stood up and dropped my pants and kicked them off into the corner of the room. I teased her by pulling my boxers down a little then back up saying, "I don't know...."

She was rocking back and forth pulling on her nipples moaning, "Please. Just a peek," she wheedled in a sing song voice. "Please." Then she leaned down and tried to suck a nipple into her mouth. She didn't quite make it so she drippled some spit on her fingers. Then she must have remembered something and she picked up the butt plug and a bottle of lube. She dribbled some on the end and stood up. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She had only been wearing a tiny lace thong the whole time! Fuck she was looking hot. Grabbing the sides, she pulled the thong down and kicked it off showing off her perfectly smooth pussy before she turned around. Looking over her shoulder to make sure she was centered in the video, she bent over her chair and slipped the butt plug home.

I am pretty sure my tongue was on the floor like an old time roller shade. Holy fucking shit. I've seen butt plugs used in porno videos before but I never thought I would see one getting popped into the ass of my sexy as hell sister-in-law.

As she sat back down with her tits bouncing and wobbling and jiggling, she grinned at the screen, "Pay up mister."

I had nothing after that, so I dropped the boxers and showed her my rock hard erection. Before she could say anything the screen split and a new video feed opened up and as the image focused I could see it was my wife's face in profile. 'Oh fucking hell' I thought. 'We are busted for fucking sure."

But she didn't say anything. Then a cock came into frame and she grabbed it and bent it straight out before sliding it into her lips. I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled "Keep talking" on it and held it to the camera. Candy nodded and I asked, "Ok. So where the kinkiest place you guys have made whoopee?"

"Hmmmm, you mean other than my butt?" she said smiling.

"Well, if you want to talk about getting butt fucked, I wouldn't mind," I said trying to figure out whose dick my wife was sucking on.

"Ok. It was probably at Bill's Country Club Christmas party last year."

"Really?" I said.

"Yep. I was really bored and it was an open bar and they had this sweet, sweet merlot. So, I was getting pretty smashed and one of the young course pros came over and tried to chat me up. He said he wanted to show me the new expansion project they were doing next to the club house. He looked harmless, so I went with him. Boy was I wrong. As we got into the new part of the building, suddenly he had more hands than an octopus. He slipped my dress down off my shoulder and I agree with Cindy, bras spoil the look of those silky little black dresses. So I suddenly had a hand between my thighs and a mouth sucking my nipple like it was a super thick milkshake. So I took the only way I could think of to get out of it. I ran my hand down and grabbed a hand full of his cock. He moaned and pulled off my nipple and I went down and unzipped him. He had a mediocre dick. Nothing like you or Bill. So I was able to suck all of it down and still lick him. Like most young men, he had no stamina. In no time, he blew his load. I stood up and left pulling my dress up to put my boob back in. I spit his seed out in the bushes.

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